The African National Congress in Free State is very disappointed with the emerging coordinated media campaign to discredit leaders of the ANC using faceless sources. The articles entitled “Plans afoot to unseat Ace Magashule” News24 dated 25 February 2017 and the other one entitled “Mabuza flays 'unruly' Magashule" Sowetan 28 February 2017 are a clear demonstration of how the media is hell-bent in finding a scoop where none exist. The media has resorted to sensationalism as opposed to the facts and accuracy in the reportage to give credence to baseless allegations of divisions amongst ANC leadership in the Free State

The articles are rehashing stone aged lies repackaged to set leaders of ANC against each other. We therefore see these articles as part of the programme of the media to advance the wishes of white monopoly capital whose interest is to see a weak ANC that is unable to push for radical economic transformation. It is unfortunate that the Chairperson of the ANC in Free State was quoted out of context at to achieve ulterior motives and is targeted to denigrate his character.

We wish to put it on record that the Chairperson of ANC in Free State is a disciplined cadre of the movement who continues to operate within the collective of the PEC,and all structures of the movement in the Province.The PEC continues to preach unity in action and that the ANC and progressive forces to close ranks in the interest of winning the struggle of radical economic transformation.Part of the above is to be vigilant against any maneuvering to dislodge the ANC and planting mutiny in the broader progressive movement

The ANC in Free State wishes to reiterate that the succession debate is not opened and all members are directed to focus on policy discussions.In discharging the task of preparation for both the Provincial Conference in May,Policy Conference in June and the National Conference,PEC reaffirms the democratic character of open & frank debates,tolerance of dissent,intensive robust discussion amongst membership.
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