#MetsimaholoByElections: Magashule and Duarte’s last push

During the Siyanqoba rally ahead of November 29 by-elections in the Metsimaholo Local Municipality that was held in Sasolburg on Sunday, ANC deputy secretary-general, Jessie Duarte and provincial chairperson Ace Magashule reiterated the importance of voting correctly, ticking in the ANC box in the two ballot papers that voters will be using on Wednesday.


Duarte said although SACP as the party’s alliance partner was contesting the by-elections separately, they were still in good relations, however she encouraged voters prioritise putting the ANC in power which will in turn mean that the SACP gains power automatically by virtue of being an alliance partner.


“There is nothing wrong with the SACP going solo, but ensure that you vote for the ANC in both ballot papers,” said Duarte.


Her sentiments were echoed by Magashule who lashed on anyone trying to paint the ANC as a guilty party in the SACP’s move to go solo for these fiercely contested by-elections.


“There will never be a time where there is bad blood between our alliance with the SACP, SANCO and COSATU. They are our comrades, they understand our struggle and for the SACP to consider going for the elections alone is also part of a democracy that we all fought for,” said Magashule.


He further pleaded with party members not to betray the ANC by putting another party in power saying that whatever differences that members are having with leaders should not affect their love for the party.


“The party belongs to all of us and if it happens that some of our leaders have somehow hurt you, it should not be on the expense of the party. Therefore ensure that the party stays intact and any differences are solved an a political manner,” added Magashule.

It is expected that on Tuesday, special votes will be casted by those who applied and qualified in terms of the electoral rules while the main voting will continue on Wednesday, November 29.