STATEMENT: Outcomes of the Free State ANC Leadership Summit




The Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) held its inaugural Free State Provincial Leadership Summit on 25 – 27 September 2016, at Emoya Estate, Mangaung. The Summit was attended by the Provincial Executive Committees of the ANC, ANC Women’s League, ANC Youth League, ANC Veteran’s League, as well as all Regional Executive Committees of the ANC and its Leagues.    




The Provincial Leadership Summit provided an opportunity for the ANC to robustly engage on the State of the Organization, the current prevailing international and local balance of forces as well as outcomes of the recent Local Government Elections. This Summit will make concrete recommendations which the ANC PEC will robustly look into and decide upon.




On Organizational Renewal


The Leadership Summit welcomed the strength of structures of the ANC and its Leagues in interacting with the communities at ward level. The Summit accepts that the ANC campaign strategies remain the most effective in the current political landscape.




The Leadership Summit also agreed that there are some areas of the organization that needs to be strengthened. The Summit therefore agreed that the ANC shall go back to basics and ensure that the ANC retains the power it has lost in some municipalities and Metros.   




On the Balance of Forces


The Leadership Summit has noted with concern the attacks levelled at the political head of the ANC, President Jacob Zuma. The Summit agreed that the attacks on President Zuma are intended to reduce the confidence that the people have on the ANC, its government and South Africa at large.




The Summit has also noted the calls by some in the ANC for the President to fall. The delegates of the Summit collectively agreed that President Zuma will not fall as the President was elected by all structures of the ANC. The Summit agreed that calls for the President to fall are part of a global campaign of the West to destabilize Left-leaning countries, especially those of the BRICS bloc of nations. The Summit agreed that all structures of the ANC shall defend President Zuma and the entire leadership collective until they finish their term of office.




Whilst the ANC respects that Alliance partners have an interest in the processes of electing the leadership of the ANC, we however appeal to our Alliance partners to allow the ANC democratic process to unfold. Only structures of the ANC have a right to elect the leadership of the ANC. The Summit further calls on so-called veterans of the ANC to respect the processes and the leadership of the ANC. Everybody must operate within the structures of the ANC.   




We further note that ANCYL as an autonomous structure, but we believe that their call for an early conference will have negative administrative and political consequences for the ANC. We therefore do not agree with the call for an early conference of the ANC.




On the implementation of Conference resolutions


The Summit noted that the PEC has established the Provincial Conference preparatory committee to ensure that the PGC is held by December 2016 to assess progress in implementation of conference resolutions. The PGC shall conduct a thorough evaluation of progress made in the implementation of past conference resolutions, which are 2007 and 2012 National Conferences.




The Leadership Summit will conclude its business today and pave a way for the PEC that sit in the near future. The Leadership shall emerge with a proposed Plan of Action which will be tabled at the PEC for consideration. The PEC will then embark on a rigorous process to visit all branches and communities in the province withe goal to ensure the rejuvenation and rebuilding of the ANC at all levels.








On incidents at some universities


The Leadership Summit has noted the current #FeesMustFall struggles at some of our universities. Whilst the ANC acknowledges the right of everybody, including students, to protest, we condemn the acts of violence at our universities.




We further reaffirm the decision of the NEC that there shall be no fee increases effected by institutions of higher learning. We call on all to implement this decision.




The Leadership Summit wishes Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela a wonderful birthday. Mama Winnie turned 80 years yesterday and we wish her many more years to come. True to its character, the ANC has invited various influential sectors to and motivate the ANC leadership. We appreciate the inputs by Dr. David Molapo and Bishop Zondo at the Summit. 




On the unity of the ANC


The Leadership Summit emphasized that the unity of the ANC is sacrosanct. We call for unity in all structures of the movement.




On governance


The Summit also noted the decision of the ANC to deploy Comrade Thabo Manyoni to national parliament, and Comrade Kenalemang Phukuntsi, the current Speaker of Lejweleputswa, to the Provincial Legislature. The ANC wishes them well in their responsibilities.




The Summit emphasized its full support for its Provincial Treasurer, Comrade Mosebenzi Zwane in his deployment as Minister of Mineral Resources. Cde Zwane is a tried and tested cadre of the ANC.




We thank you…












Issued by:




William Bulwane


Provincial Secretary






Thabo Meeko


Provincial Spokesperson


082 414 9484